Although the first official day of winter is still a little more than a week away (December 21st), Yakima generally has had some significant snowfall by this time.
2012 has, thus far, been realtively mild.  Normally the temperature is around 35 degrees for the high and around 21 for the low.  Today's high is forecasted to be near 50, some 15 degrees higher than the usual.  Warm temps mean no snow.

If you are dreaming of a white Christmas, the folks at N.O.A.A. have drawn up a map showing the probability of snow on the ground when santa Clause makes his way to town.


According to their calculations, it seems that the valley has only a 10 - 25% chance of experiencing a white Christmas this year, which bums me out.

While I am not nearly as fond of the snow as I was when I was a kid, it just wouldn't seem right to sit around the tree opening packages only to look out the window and see my dead lawn.