For a town that might best be recognized around the country for having ski racks named after it, the winter of 2011-12 sure hasn't given the valley much snowfall.

While the winter season technically begins December 21st each year, Yakima has gotten virtually ZERO precipitation (0.36")  thus far this month as well as the historically snowy December.

Having lived here since 1977, it is rapidly becoming the most mild that I can recall in 34 years and I'm actually alright with that!

Who could forget the 16 inches of the white stuff that fell in one 24 hour period back in November 18-19, 1996?  And the flooding that occured the following spring, burying the 1-82 entrance into Selah under water? 

That pales in comparison to the winter of 1964 when over 40 inches fell during a single six day storm, and over 48 inches (FOUR FEET!) landed that month alone!

While Christmas seemed a little less "Christmasy" this past year without it being white, given the two extremes, I'll pass on getting any snow, thankyouverymuch!