TSM/Kelly West

In this world we all need a little inspiration. From the negativity of war, the presidential election, racism, penniless people and so on, something needs to bring us together. Who knew that a painted rock in 2016 would do the trick!

When I come across one of these handpainted Yakima Valley Rocks, I usually leave it for the next person. Because the next person who finds it might need a bigger and brighter smile than I do at the moment.

Tammy Shelton and more than 1,600 other members of Yakima Valley Rocks have been painting rocks, placing them around the valley and asking people to post pictures once they find them. The response has been incredible!

It only makes sense that the No. 1 rock station in Washington would have its own pet rock. Tammy did a solid and made a KATS-ROCKS!

Check them out! When you find it, please bring back to the KATS studio for pictures and so we can re-hide it! Thanks so much!