'Tis the season for ghosts and goblins.  While homes are decorated to celebrate All Hallow's Eve with paper ghosts, and children put bed sheets over their heads to re-create apparitions, there are many people who study paranormal activity year round.

Every town has legendary haunts, but some seem to be a bit more "real" than others.  In many cities you can tour some of the more intriguingly spooky parts of the area.

MainStreet.com has identified some of the spookiest "Ghost Tours" in America, and one of them is right here in Yakima!
The P.A.S.T. Is Present paranormal investigation team has confirmed spiritual activity at the Sports Center and the Depot Restaurant in downtown Yakima.

If you have ever been backstage at the Capitol Theater, you have most definitely heard of “Shorty” a former stage hand.  Activity has also been found on the third or fourth floors of City Hall, which used to be the city jail.

Have you ever encountered anything that is unexplainable at these locations?