When it comes to guilty pleasures, there’s nothing like watching bandmates going for each others’ throats. From onstage, the tour bus and the recording studio, these are some of the most unforgettable bandmate fights on film.

Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster documentary is essentially 141 minutes of drama starring metal’s most commercially successful band. Following Jason Newsted’s departure from Metallica, the band had to find a new bassist and write a new “comeback” album following the disappointing Load and Reload, all while navigating James Hetfield’s recovery from alcoholism. The moment we chose from the doc has become iconic not just for its incendiary words, but Kirk Hammett’s epic facepalm.

John 5’s time with Marilyn Manson was chaotic to say the least, but most of the conflict took place off stage. However, one crack in the armor appeared when Manson full-on kicked John while performing “The Beautiful People” at Rock am Ring 2003. John threw down his guitar with rage, screaming at Manson. Things got ugly, but it didn’t get physical between the two, which can’t be said for Lamb of God.

Randy Blythe and Mark Morton squared off in one of the ugliest bandmate brawls ever caught on film. An intoxicated Blythe had been antagonizing his bandmates, while threatening to “sucker punch” Morton. After multiple people on Lamb of God’s tour bus tried to stop a fight from happening, Blythe and Morton threw down, with the guitarist breaking Blythe’s nose from two hard punches to the face.

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