Yakima Leaders Respond to Supreme Court Drug Ruling
The confrontation with law enforcement often becomes the first step in drug users taking personal responsibility and turning their lives around... Without that some drug users won't be forced to confront themselves and may very well die as a result.
101 Incredible Yakima Pet Photos On Cell Phones
In The Yakima Valley, we love our pets. Dogs, cats, ferrets, chickens, rabbits, snails, goldfish, snakes, the list goes on and on. I'm not certain there is data to back this up, but I'll bet that our relationships with our family pets have grown stronger and have become more important to u…
What is ‘Detroit Style’ Pizza?
If Chicago style pizza is that thick pizza that's mostly cheese and New York style pizza is that super thin, kind of foldable pizza then what makes Detroit style pizza Detroit? Well, I ordered one to find out.

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