Phil Rudd, 'Head Job'

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is releasing his first ever solo album on Aug. 29. Though still active with AC/DC, who are soldiering on despite the ill health of guitarist Malcolm Young, Rudd has harnessed his talents as a songwriter for the upcoming full-length 'Head Job.'

Rudd is one of rock's most seasoned musicians, drumming for AC/DC from 1975-1983 and again from 1994-present. AC/DC just finished recording a new full-length and according to singer Brian Johnson, will "very likely" hit the road again in 2014 for a series of tour dates. Despite being busy already, Rudd brought his energy to the studio once more to create 'Head Job.'

"Melbourne born drummer Phil Rudd has been quietly writing an album worth of songs which will see the light of day 29th August 2014," reads Phil Rudd's updated Facebook bio. "The songs were penned primarily by Rudd with the assistance of Allan Badger and Geoffrey Martin - musicians Phil met on the local scene, which he says 'turned out to be a great musical partnership.' Badge & Martin also perform vocals, guitars & bass on the album, with Rudd sitting in the producer’s seat. The tracks came together over a period of time recorded at several locations including the studio that Rudd built himself not far from his restaurant “Phil’s Place” in Tauranga, New Zealand."

The album's first single, 'Repo Man,' has just been released as a lyric video, so check that out in the player above. Stay tuned to Loudwire for all your Phil Rudd and AC/DC news.

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