Alanna Ballatine, Playboy’s ‘Barmate of the Month,[LINK - NSFW] works at Gertty’s Grill in Rolla, Missouri while earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She thinks working at the bar is great training for her future career.

“Trust me,” Alanna explains “I run plenty of psychological studies at the bar. For instance, when I was a cocktail waitress and had short hair, I would sometimes wear extensions to work. I found I made twice as much money with long hair versus short hair.”

It could be her hair or it could be the fact she is absolutely gorgeous.

So what’s Alanna’s favorite drink to make? The dirty martini, but only because she loves the challenge of making it perfectly.

“People who drink dirty martinis are picky; they’ll tell you right away if they love it or hate it. I like that challenge. The secret is to use lots of olive juice. You need the salt to cut through the dry vermouth.”

Head over to to see more of Alanna in action.


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