Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson ruled out the idea of going out on tour ever again, saying he’d had more than enough of the experience after four decades on the road.

He said he’d expected to miss being onstage when Neil Peart’s death brought a definite end to Rush’s career in 2020, but he’s since realized that it didn’t bother him at all.

Lifeson, who’s currently working on a record with Andy Curran of Coney Hatch, recently told Guitar World: “I’m not really thinking about that. It’s challenging enough to try to get this album out first. ... To be honest with you, I don’t think I have it in me to go on the road. I mean, if it was a handful of shows, that might be kind of fun, but anything beyond that ... . After 40 years of sitting in hotel rooms, I’m not interested. I’ve had quite enough of that. I do love my home life.”

His other projects include the launch of a custom electric guitar, while he recently recorded a track with Tom Morello and Kirk Hammett. He’s also previously said it was possible that he’d work with former Rush bandmate Geddy Lee again, although it wouldn’t involve using the Rush name.

"I thought I would miss being onstage a lot more, but I don’t really,” Lifeson reflected. “I’ve done a couple of things here and there. Small things … usually it’s a charity event or something like that. It’s kind of fun getting up and playing with other people, but the whole production – the big, giant machine – it doesn’t really hold much appeal to me now.”

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