The date for this year's Amazon Prime Day has been leaked --it'll be on Tuesday, July 17th, with deals starting at midday the day before --on Monday the 16th. The details emerged after the Amazon UK website published a Prime Day 2018 banner which was uncovered by TechRadar. This will be the longest Prime Day ever --running 39 hours-- longer than last year's 30-hour sale which began the previous evening.

Original Amazon Prime Day 2018 speculation had the event coming July 10th and 11th, but that would coincide with the first and second days of the World Cup soccer semi-finals in Russia, so it was moved a handful of days down the line.

Of course to take advantage of the sales, you have to be an Amazon Prime member. There's usually big savings on items including everything from 4K TVs, games consoles and laptops to beer and wine, sports and camping and baby products and fashion.

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