Alien vs Predator got a few video games in its day, including one of the early titles on the Atari Jaguar, and a totally awesome arcade side-scroller from Capcom where you could play as one of either two predators or two human soldiers, including Dutch — yep, the Arnold Schwarzenegger character from the first Predator.

But would you believe there was almost an Alien vs. Predator football game?!?

According to the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas, it almost happened. They discovered concept art for something called Cosmic Hard Bowl, which is apparently an unfinished Sega Genesis game about how “the Aliens and Predators would settle their conflict through, yes, AMERICAN FOOTBALL.”

Take a look for yourself:

On the basis of this concept art, I feel very secure saying this would have been one of the greatest Genesis games of all time, and I will now spend the rest of my life trying to figure out who would coach a team of xenomorphs to play American football. Is it too late to complete this thing and put it on the PlayStation Store? I would gladly pay $20 to own a copy of Cosmic Hard Bowl.

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