Picture this: you're at school and accidentally spill something. It's annoying and a little embarrassing but no big deal. You go to grab some paper towels and, by using public school paper towels, you end up making the mess far worse as you end up just spreading your spill to a larger area than intended because these paper towels are more paper than towel. This is our reality.

This happened the other day at my son's school. I was there when he spilled something and by using these school-issued paper towels it just pushed his mess around without barely absorbing anything. College notebook paper has more absorbency than these. Sure, they're better than nothing, but in cases like this, especially at schools where accidents are bound to happen (especially elementary schools) they end up causing more work. And because you have to use a lot of them as they don't work very well you end up wasting more product than intended, which is a waste to school dollars.

I know it's not the school's fault or even the local principles, but certainly there's someone we could talk to to make them aware. I completely understand budgets are tight for arts programs and even sports for uniforms and stuff like that, but everyone uses these paper towels. I'd love to see a change.

...and don't even get me started on school-issued toilet paper.

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