At the end of the 13th week and a 5-year-old Yakima boy is still missing still no answers from Yakima Police as they say the search continues.
Lucian Mungia has been missing since September 10 from the play area at Yakima's Sarge Hubbard Park.



Is the boy's body in the pond at the park?

At the time of his disappearance authorities believed the boy fell into water that surrounds the park including the park pond and nearby Yakima River. Extensive searches of the waters were conducted but the boy hasn't yet been found. KIT News has learned that authorities believe the boy's body could still be in the park pond and there's now a plan being developed to drain the pond to possibly locate the body. A move that drastic would take extensive planning and there's no word on when that may happen.


Investigators haven't found any evidence of foul play

Meanwhile Yakima Police say they follow up on leads but so far they've found no sign of the boy. The department refuses to release any information about the ongoing investigation but continues to maintain they've found no evidence of foul play. In fact KIT News along with other individuals and media organizations have been denied any requests for information through a Freedom of Information report to the city.

Extensive investigations and searches have already happened at the park

Police know that there are many theories as to what happened to the boy and are asking people to stop spreading rumors on social media that they say could hurt the ongoing investigation.
Lots of authorities have been involved in the investigation including Yakima Police, Yakima County Sheriff's Office along with forensic and specialty divers from the FBI. All the efforts so far have found no sign of the boy at the park.

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