Like any major motion picture these days, Avengers 2 is set to open on IMAX screens, giving fans a chance to watch Earth’s mightiest heroes battle evil on a screen larger than their house. And like any major motion picture opening in IMAX, attendees at the opening night screenings will be given a special poster to commemorate the occasion. And since Marvel is really good at getting fans hyped up, they’ve gone ahead and created four separate posters.

The reveal of the four posters came on Twitter, where the official Avengers feed announced a contest to determine which of the four posters would be given to fans on opening night:

And then the four posters were revealed, each of them more stylish than your typical Marvel movie poster (which isn’t a very high bar to clear, if we’re going to be fair). You can check out the posters for yourself below.

Avengers 2 officially opens on May 1, but the posters will go to those who attend late night IMAX screenings on April 30.

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