It is so depressing looking for a place to rent in Yakima and there is absolutely no reason why it should be!

I have lived in the same 1 bedroom apartment for nearly twenty years even though I have a 10-year-old, but that's because where I live the rent is so cheap I will never be able to find a place in the same price range. It feels like I live in one of those rent-stabilized apartments like they have in New York City. You know what I'm talking about: the rent pretty much stays the same no matter what, or at least close to the same price year after year.

I have been trying to relocate to a 2 bedroom so that not only my child can have her own room but I can, too. I gave my bedroom up to my daughter years ago because I wanted her to grow up in her own space and privacy as she needs it. She has already told me she is a "pre-pre-teen" and she shrieks if I open the door to her bedroom without knocking. Ain't nobody got time for that!

If you are looking for a home (not an apartment) then be prepared to shell out at least $900+ a month, and that's just for a TWO bedroom! Here are five places I noticed on Yakima.Craigslist.Org that might be useful for you, because I am certainly not jumping nearly an additional $500 a month just so that I can have my own bedroom and a backyard. Y'all have fun with paying that!

Sometimes I think landlords just make up the price of rent as they go!

$676 mobile home

This is a 2-bedroom home for $1065 a month: They didn't offer any pictures (red flag if you ask me) but the property is close to downtown Yakima and has updated furnishings and features.

This is a 3-bedroom home for $2525 a month: You can have pets at this location! Well, I certainly hope so for over $2,000 a month! Sheesh!

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This is a 2-bedroom home for $1825 a month: Moxee is cool but that cost of rent sure ain't!

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This is a 3-bedroom home for $1900 a month: Terrace Heights is nice but that price is NOT!

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This is a 2-bedroom home for $1400 a month: Ooh, Cathedral ceilings!

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This is a 2-bedroom home for $925 a month: Laminated floors, yo! Deposit + last month's rent=$1,850! Yikes.

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