• Following the confirmation of avian influenza in the Northwestern U.S., South Korea has banned U.S. imports of poultry for 21 days.

    Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan imposed narrower bans after the H5N8 strain was found in a backyard flock in Oregon. Korea is trying to manage its own bird flu outbreak, which has also affected 18 countries this year alone.

    South Korea imported more than 63,000 metric tons of poultry meat from United States in the first 11 months of 2014. However, industry experts say Oregon is not a poultry exporting state.

  • The Sacramento Bee reports the new egg laws for California are compiling a mound of uncertainty.

    That uncertainty is coming from the industry which predicts higher prices to the Humane Society claiming the same legislation they forced through won’t do enough.

    Starting January first, every egg laid or offered at a grocery store in California must meet the new standard of hen housing, allowing hens enough room to stand up, lie down and extend their wings fully.

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