"Old No. 69 is guaranteed good times" so remember, the next time you get jacked, "Whiskey Dick" will be there to help you rise to the occasion.

EpicMealTime’s Whiskey Dick™ is water based, hand crafted and proudly made in America.  "Whiskey Dick" is the gold standard of booze-flavored massage oils, it’s aged 4 years in white oak casks and guarantees a velvety-smooth finish.  But don’t delay, the first batch only yielded 5,000 bottles and it’s available starting today at www.whiskeydicklube.com  for $11.99. 

"Whiskey Dick’s" distinct Tennessee taste won it a Triple Gold Medal Award at the 10th Annual Great American Sex & Drinking Festival.

Epic Meal Time is the blockbuster YouTube phenomenon that has captured the imagination of millions of fans…of bacon. Epically-bearded host Harley and his cast of MealEaters, like “Muscles Glasses” and friends, cook the most unimaginably epic dishes the world has ever seen, and then chew them all up!

 Some of their Epic Meals have included: "TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving", "The Sloppy Roethlisberger," "Chili Four Loko", "Fast Food Sushi" and the "Meatball Deathstar."