In a nifty little play on words, Grammy-winning and Kanye-rant-victim (as well as probable future Kanye collaborator) Beck is showing his appreciation to the staff of his record label, Capitol. Beck, along with Silva Artist Management, sent out a note to the Capitol staffers, informing them that Beck was covering their breakfast this morning. defines WAFFLE as 'to speak or write equivocally' …but it is with NO equivocation that we say THANK YOU for everyone's hard work in helping 'Morning Phase' to win not only the Grammy for 'Best Rock Album' but also for the 'ALBUM OF THE YEAR.'  It was a great night and it's a victory that we all share. As a means of keeping the celebration going just a little bit longer, we're sending over our friends from the Waffles De Liege food truck tomorrow morning.

Beck and his latest record, Morning Phase, took home three Grammys this year. Since Kanye West said some things about Beck at the Grammys after party, Beck fans have shown their support, sometimes going to great lengths to let Kanye know they disagree with him.

We just think everybody should play nice and make some more music ... and eat waffles.

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