The strict dictionary definition of the word ‘new’ is as follows: “not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time.” So in the most literal sense, the trailer for The Belko Experiment that the film’s screenwriter James Gunn posted on his Facebook page last night is indeed new. It includes about fifteen seconds of fresh footage, in which Gunn’s brother Sean (so lovingly referred to as “Marty Espenscheid AKA Kraglin from Guardians AKA Kirk from Gilmore Girls AKA my idiot brother Sean” in the post) sneaks onto the roof of his office building with a couple coworkers for a quick all-natural smoke break. “Did you happen to read what you signed when you started working at this place?” he warns.

The rest of the trailer, we’ve seen before. A high-rise’s worth of office drones get a worrisome announcement as the metal sheeting seals up the windows: they’ve got to kill 30 of their own, or else small explosives planted in everyone’s craniums will kill 60 of them at random. It sounds a little like on the Joker’s deranged social-experiment mind games from The Dark Knight, and hey, they even share character actor David Dastmalchian! He‘s one of an ensemble cast including John Gallagher Jr., John McGinley, Michael Rooker (another Gunn regular, having played Yondu of Guardians of the Galaxy), Tony Goldwyn, and Adria Arjona. If they want to have any chance of making it out of this lethal pressure cooker alive, they’ll have to band together, even when they can’t trust anyone.

The Greg McLean-directed film comes to theaters on March 17, and it looks like a gory good time. One piece of advice, however — if you go see the movie, don’t let any of the ushers at your local cineplex put anything at the base of your neck.

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