The thought of going to college can be overwhelming. You often times need to relocate, get all those expensive books, put in your best effort and all that. The thought of online colleges is become more and more appealing. If you choose to go that route, here are the best online colleges in Washington State as we move into the year 2020. took into account tuition and average salary of each school and came up with this list.

  1. Seattle University
  2. Washington State University
  3. Western Washington University
  4. City University of Seattle
  5. Central Washington University
  6. Western Governors University
  7. Eastern Washington University
  8. Northwest University
  9. Bellevue College
  10. North Seattle College
  11. Heritage University

You honestly can't go wrong with any of these. Some are more convenient than others for a number of reasons, but thought it was interesting to see. It's never to late to go back to college or, in this case, take some online classes to further your career.

If you'd like to see what went into this list, including cost of tuition, see more at the Guide to Online Schools website.

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