There are a ton of music videos out there. We don't see them very much unless you log on to YouTube and do a search or you go to that artist's website and check it out. MTV really doesn't do that anymore, due in large part to YouTube.

But, looking back, there really were some awesome and well-put-together videos from the '90s. My favorite will always be Blind Melon's "No Rain." My daughter used to call it the "Bumble Bee Song!" HA!"No Rain," released in 1992, is such a spectacular video. The little girl in the video is so cute. She brings life to the world, and isn't that the point of the video?

Heather DeLoach is the actress who plays our beloved "Bee Girl." Reports say she is an event planner in Lake Forest, Calif. But to us, she will always be Blind Melon's and our "Bumble Bee Girl!"

From your "90s at Noon" -- "No Rain" from Blind Melon.