The Ramones are one of punk's most beloved bands and as 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of their debut album, there are a number of tributes the iconic rockers. Big Bang Theory actor John Ross Bowie is hoping his project is among them as he's attempting to raise funds to put on A Play About the Ramones in honor of this anniversary year.

Bowie has launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to help offset the costs of the production, which he hopes to put on at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles. The actor says the campaign will not only help secure the theater for the production, but will also help in securing top notch designers and take care of the director and cast as well.

Speaking about the idea for the production, Bowie says in the video above, "It's about a two or three year period in the band's career where they were working on their fifth studio album [1980's End of the Century], but they were still playing big clubs and small theaters and they actually wanted to try and graduate and sort of become big rock stars and the label suggested they work with legendary reclusive producer Phil Spector."

As the band has discussed, it was a chaotic work environment in which Spector had even wielded a gun while in the studio. "All hell broke loose while they made a beautiful record that became the biggest seller of their career," says Bowie. "Hearts were broken, guns were drawn, and a legend was born -- so funny, sexy and tragic it has to be true," reads a description of the production.

There are a number of incentives on the site that make it worth your while to contribute. At press time, just over $14,000 has been raised with the goal of reaching $35,000. There are two weeks remaining on the campaign and if you wish to donate you may do so here.

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