This might sound a bit morbid, but Smashing Pumpkins‘ singer Billy Corgan, who just issued ‘Oceania,’ knows which song he would like to have played at his funeral. Turns out it’s one of the singer-guitarist’s own tunes. That’s not really surprising, given the depth and breadth of the Pumpkins’ expansive catalog of alt rock hits, which dominated the airwaves in the ’90s. So which one did he choose?

It’s ‘Today’ from ‘Siamese Dream,’ arguably the band’s biggest and best record.

Canadian publication Exclaim posed the peculiar question to Corgan in their rapid-fire questionnaire-style interview, which yielded plenty of fun nuggets and factoids about the chrome-domed and tea-loving fan of wrestling, but more on that in a moment. He had a delightfully dark sense of humor when asked about his funeral dirge, saying, “That’s a good question. Probably one of my own. I’m going out putting myself over. I don’t know what song I’d pick … probably something incredibly ironic, like ‘Today.’ There he is lying in the casket, ‘Today is the greatest day.’”

The interviewer asked the singer lots of question about his life and thoughts and he sounded off in intelligent, informative and brutally funny fashion. His career highs and lows are discussed, but the fun stuff?

Well, he wishes everyone would shut up about themselves, including himself. He said, “It’s become a ‘me’ times a thousand world. And if you look at the economic situations that are developing in the western world, we’re going to have to learn to work a little bit … better, and nicer, collectively. Ultimately, maturity as a culture and a civilization is going to be a collective mentality. Meaning, if we work together, we all get more but if we only take care of ourselves, we all get a lot less.”

His good traits (he’s a good friend — ask Courtney Love what she thinks!) and bad traits (he’s a workaholic which prevents him from truly enjoying life) are dissected, as are his current fixations (there are none). He reveals why he lives in Chicago (the combo of bad weather and the working class “works for me artistically”) and his favorite Sunday activities (antiquing, watching baseball and hanging with friends and pets), Did you know his pre-fame gig was delivering pizzas?

Billy Corgan remains an interesting fellow, as this interview proves.

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