The first thing to know about Bite Club? There will be throwdowns and you will be the first to know if you follow the rules. This exclusive underground food competition was created by Chef Shawn Niles, aka Fat Pastor, who is a Master Chef alumn and owner of the brand new restaurant Eats & Elixirs in Yakima, Washington.

Currently, three successful and sold-out Bite Club Throw Down competitions have been held secretly in town and he's just getting started!

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Recently Shawn was given a challenge, taking on fried chicken, the same item that took him out of the Master Chef competition back in season 8. Host of Hale's Kitchen, Rachel Hale had invited his good friend, Master Chef Winner Yachechia Holston, the same Yachechia that beat Shawn and went on to take the Season 8 Master Chef crown!

It All Begins with a Love of Fried Chicken

The two have remained friends ever since so the host of Hale's Kitchen Rachel Hale knew she couldn't take it easy on them, she tasked Shawn and Yachechia with creating their version of paleo fried chicken and it was like lighting in a bottle.

Shawn's Thai version is now an option to order on the Eats & Elixirs menu, which Rachel swears is a perfect entrance if you want to see how delicious paleo can be. Shawn has so much fun on Hale's Kitchen, he invited Rachel Hale, a season 12 American Idol alumn to Yakima to be a judge for the most recent Bite Club Throw Down alongside myself and local foodie Dr. Matt Ulhman.

Bite Club Throw Down Could Be Coming to a City Near You

If you love food competitions, this is an interactive experience where you get the chance to vote while eating courses of mini platters featuring delicious and unique menu items. Each competition will feature a theme for the evening, last Friday night was Italian Paleo but not all competitions will be paleo. There will be two local chefs and a celebrity chef competing for a cash prize and a golden ticket of sorts. Entrance to the World Food Competition.

My Experience at Bite Club Throw Down

My date was my Mom, we always have a good time because these events give you the opportunity to meet other food lovers around town that enjoy a good adventure when it comes to dining and flavors. The rules were relatively simple, serving three courses, all of which must stick to the evening's theme, Italian Paleo.

I've never really experienced a paleo dinner and it was absolutely delicious. From the cauliflower gnocchi, eggplant bruschetta, and tuna carpaccio to the pan-seared salmon, pistachio-crusted lamb, and smoked ribs I was in heaven! Each dish was gorgeous and you can't go out to eat without tasting dessert! The grand finale of deconstructed tiramisu, pistachio cake, and paleo chocolate mouse cake. Each dish was so good I wanted all three chefs to win so badly. The night's prize, $1,000 and a chance to compete in the World Food Competition!

All good meals begin with an excellent drink and Shawn put together incredible options found on the new menu at Eats & Elixirs! I started off with The Hail Mary and it was full of layers and flavor. Perfect for sipping on through the evening. A really good drink that I would definitely order again.

Getting to meet Rachel Hale and speak with the chefs was so much fun and we wrapped it up with Rachel performing her hit song from American Idol. It was a fantastic night and something every foodie should try to experience at some point. If you love watching food competitions on TV, this is a chance for you to get in the mix, taste the food, and vote for your favorites!

I got the chance to bring Rachel and Shawn into the studio for an interview, listen to Rachel's latest song Promise Land as well as photos of the event and all the incredible food below!


Bite Club Throw Down

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