A lawyer for the man who accused Boyd Tinsley of sexual misconduct has issued a response to the former Dave Matthews Band violinist’s comments on the case. Tinsley had originally announced plans to step back temporarily from the band, but they later stated he was no longer a member, adding that they’d had no knowledge of the accusations.

Trumpeter James Frost-Winn filed a lawsuit against Tinsley last week, alleging that he’d been the victim of unwanted sexual advances and suggestive comments while they’d worked together over a period of years, and calling for $9 million in damages. “I know I’m not the first person, but I hope to be the last,” Frost-Winn said.

TInsley responded with a statement that described the allegations as a “one-sided account,” adding: “I only wish the reporter had spoken to me first, so they would have heard the truth. I will defend myself against these false accusations. … I will fight both in and out of court to repair the damage that has been done.”

However, Consequence of Sound, who initially reported the news, stated that the author of the piece had requested comment from Tinsley on four occasions before its publication but had “never received a response.”

Frost-Winn’s lawyer, Jason Hatch, later told Rolling Stone: “We are disappointed in Mr. Tinsley’s complete lack of personal responsibility for his actions. Further, multiple media sources have indicated that they reached out to Mr. Tinsley and that he made no attempt to become a part of the conversation. His statement ‘I only wish the reporter had spoken to me first’ is disingenuous at best.

“Mr. Tinsley continues to show a lack of understanding of the obligation to not exploit an employee for sexual gratification. We will continue to move forward with our claims, and look forward to our day in court.”

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