Well, this is a coincidence. I was planning on taking the kids on the upper Tucannon River to fish the lakes near Wooten this weekend and now I may get to squeeze in some steelhead fishing.

Maybe. Perhaps. I am not sure about the lower end of the river, having only thrown a few flies on the Tucannon with no luck.

News has come from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife that there are too many hatchery steelhead in the river, which dilutes the wild genetics if left unchecked.

Species diversity is essential to the long-term recovery of wild populations.

As of this past Wednesday, mandatory retention rules are in place for hatchery steelhead with the season being extended by 46 days through April 15th.

The daily limit is now increased to 3 hatchery steelhead per day, and yes, a mandatory hatchery steelhead retention requirement has been added. Still, barbless hooks are required and all other species must be released unharmed.

The boundary of the fishery area extends all the way to the Tucannon Hatchery Rd Bridge, upstream from that point is closed to fishing. All steelhead with unclipped adipose fins must be immediately released unharmed. In addition, don't forget anglers cannot remove any steelhead from the water unless it is retained as part of the daily bag limit.

If you have some tips on how to fish the Tucannon, please call Todd and Hendo in the morning so we can help other KATS faithful willing to make the drive.

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