Actress Brigitte Nielsen, a former member of the Todd & Timmy Show's Spank Bank when she was Ivan Drago's handler in the epic "Rocky IV," became a mother last Friday for the fifth time at the age of 54. FIFTY-FOUR!

Tomorrow, the "Todd & Timmy Show" will be in search of the listener who gave birth at the oldest age to become the newest member of the KATS Hall Of Fame.

Here are some of our previous inductees:

Paid The Most For Parking In A Single Day: Inspired by the $100 a lot in Los Angeles was charging to park across the street from Rams/Seahawks game. Tonya Howe spent $81 to park near Pike Place Market. She must really have wanted to get coffee at the original Starbucks baaaaaaad!

Longest Commute: Jared Lawson drives 115 miles each way to work every day from Union Gap to the summit of Snoqualmie Pass working on the construction crew expanding the highway on I-90. He said the trip takes an hour and 35 minutes and that he "tries" to follow the speed limit. In the timeless words of Yoda "there is not try, only do." Congrats to Jared who receives a $15 Coastal Farm & Ranch gift card for his trouble.

Gave Birth To The Biggest Baby: Brandy Thompson who gave birth to a 10-pound, 10 1/2-ounce baby girl.

Stayed Awake The Longest: Melissa Perkins set the "KATS" record by staying up 92 hours straight. " I was part of the 554 MP (military police) I was part of rear D (those are the guys that stay behind where there is a deployment) I arrived at my unit about a month after my company deployed. We were waiting for Reserves from the states to help with Garrison Duties... So lots of long shifts, and barrack duties, and the hurry up and wait."

Taking The Most Drugs: Theresa Canham is currently on 8 different medications including Oxycontin and Oxycodone. Congratulations to Theresa who has won tickets to the Mayhem festival featuring Slayer where, when it comes to how many drugs she's on, will clearly be in the minority. Lol.

Has The Most Sex Toys: Sam Ware (her name itself sounds like a brand of sex toys "Have you tried the new Samware 5000?) claims to have "over 75 sex toys" stuffed into two cases. Apparently she used to host sex toy parties (similar to Tupperware parties ... except with sex toys)!

Lost The Most Cash (non-gambling): Evan Johnson shoved $400 in four crisp $100 bills into his wallet and put it into his loose sweatpants, got up into his buddy's pickup truck and they took off. A few minutes later Evan realized he had dropped his wallet back in the parking lot and went to retrieve his cash... but it was gone (sad violin music).

Lost The Most Cash Gambling: Chris Hall lost $2,500 on a single hand of blackjack. Good thing there were no sharp razor blades, strychnine or loaded guns handy after that!

Went To The Most Schools: Tammy Heidi went to 14 different K-12 schools.

Biggest One-Time Gambling Win: Robb Streiff won $20,000 playing a $2 scratcher from the Washington Lottery.

Spends The Most Gas Each Month On A Personal Vehicle: Ron Johnston spends approximately $500 per month because he lives in the Far East Valley (no not Asia) and has a bunch of kids that play sports and step kids he has to take to Oregon for the "hostage exchange."

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