Captain Marvel is hitting theaters this weekend, likely stirring up quite a bit of nostalgia for those alive and rocking in the '90s. The film is set during that era, and one of the key signifiers of the time period in the movie is in Carol Danvers' (aka Captain Marvel) fashion sense. In the film, Brie Larson's titular character is seen sporting a white Nine Inch Nails t-shirt. This being the modern day of product placement and few coincidences with tie-ins, you can also now own a Captain Marvel Nine Inch Nails collaborative t-shirt.

At the Nine Inch Nails webstore, it's revealed, "Marvel approached Nine Inch Nails about doing a collaborative t-shirt in celebration of the release of Captain Marvel, in which Carol Danvers proudly displays a NIN shirt throughout the film. This item will be available for a very limited time on the store."

The t-shirt, seen below, is printed in black on a white t-shirt with the longtime NIN logo surrounded by Captain Marvel's iconography. It's 100 percent cotton and enzyme washed. To place an order for yours, head here.

After completing a trilogy of Nine Inch Nails releases and touring in 2018, the band's schedule is currently wide open. However, Trent Reznor is continually tied to the film world, as he and his musical partner Atticus Ross remain in demand for their musical scoring work.

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