Who will you be voting for in the upcoming November general election? If you're still making up your mind you are invited to a candidate forum in Zillah next Wednesday, October 5. You'll have a chance to hear from candidates from the Yakima County Commissioner, clerk and coroner during the forum at the Zillah Civic Center at 119 First Avenue. The forum starts at 6:00 pm.

A variety of candidates will be at the forum

Incumbent Dan Newhouse won't attend but Organizer Curt Vangstad says they expect to hear from Democratic 4th District Candidate Doug White.
If you attend you'll also hear from District 3 Yakima County Commission Candidates LaDon Linde and Steve Saunders. Mischa Venables and Billie Maggard will attend...they're candidates for the Yakima County Clerk and candidates for county coroner, Marshall Slight and Jim Curtice will also be at the event.

The forum is free and open to everyone in the valley

The candidates will be given a chance for an opening statement and then the public will have a chance to ask questions and concerns.
The forum is free and open to anyone in the Yakima Valley.
Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross says military ballots will be sent out on September 23 and all other ballots will be sent to voters in October for the upcoming general election. Ross says it'll be a busy ballot depending on where you live in the county. If you're not registered to vote there's no deadline meaning you could register and vote election day but you'll have to do that in person.

If you're not registered to you can register right now

For now,  weeks before the election you can register online at the Secretary of State's Office Website https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/register.aspx.
Specifically Ross says he'll send out 127,740 ballots to registered voters in the county on October 21. The ballot will feature federal, state and local offices up for election. It will also include local and statewide judge races. In Yakima all three Yakima County Commissioner races will be on the ballot, races in the 13th, 14th and 15th legislative districts and a slew of statewide advisory votes that didn't appear on the primary election ballot.
Voters in Selah will be asked to support bonds for a new law and justice center. An EMS Levy will also be up for a vote along with numerous levy and bond issues for area school districts

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