Newberry Farms, a Rover, Missouri farm that specializes in selling purebred bulls, has co-opted the logo of death-grind band Cattle Decapitation for their own use, which has left vocalist Travis Ryan a bit confused considering the band's themes are heavily aimed at animal rights and environmentalism, with Ryan himself being a vegetarian.

Ryan shared a photo of the farm's sign, which was photographed by one of his friends who was driving by the area and spotted the familiar logo, albeit with a couple of changes. The Cattle Decapitation logo is mostly obscured by text that reads "Newberry Farms" with the names "Brad & Jennifer" positioned just underneath an oval with a drawing of a bull placed in the middle.

The other half of the sign reads "Sellers of purebred bulls" above a quadrant of photos of actual bulls.

"I just have so many questions," the vocalist of the 25-year-running band captioned before responding to comments.

One commenter singled out the irony of the logo's usage, noting that is an "insult to your original concept of Cattle Decapitation and what it stands for," urging Ryan to take action to have the sign removed. The vocalist was uncertain of whether that request would be actionable, however, pondering if it fell under the use of parody and therefore a removal request would not be legally enforceable.

Facebook: Travis Ryan

Responding to another comment, the Cattle Decapitation frontman noted that as the point person on marketing, he "cannot pinpoint the thought process on this."

Facebook: Travis Ryan

When asked if he was planning on suing Newberry Farms or was just willing to let it go, Ryan said that the action taken would be to issue a cease and desist letter, though it is not clear if this has yet been pursued.

Someone else then made light of the situation, reminding everyone of that time rapper Teddy YG blatantly stole the band's artwork for their last album, 2019's Death Atlas, to use as a cover for his mixtape. Cattle Decapitation then printed shirts of that ripped off usage.

Facebook: Travis Ryan

Basically shrugging his shoulders and throwing his hands up in the air, Ryan chimed in and stated that he has "no idea [what the fuck] people are even thinking anymore" and humorously remarked, "It's almost... inspiring. Like, anything is possible."

Facebook: Travis Ryan

Still confounded by the farm's usage of a band logo that stands for the exact opposite of the farm's business aims, Ryan even wondered aloud why in general Newberry Farms even thought it was a good logo in the first place, later noting, "You can't even see [what the fuck] it says behind their name. Just looks like a mistake."

Facebook: Travis Ryan

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