When Judas Priest was working on their 1980 album "British Steel", the band's lead throat, Rob Halford, relates the story in his new autobiography, "Confess", out now, about recording the entire album at an estate that was once owned by John and Yoko Lennon. By that time, it actually belonged to Ringo Starr, but he declined to remodel one of their interesting remaining features: His and Hers loos. You know, toilets. Halford writes, "I tried to imagine them sitting side by side holding hands, having a poo. Truly, sometimes love knows no bounds."

Rob Halford Of Judas Priest

The book is full of great stories based on Halford's upbringing, weaving very personal and vivid yarns of life on the road, his being the leather clad poster child for a revolution of "headbanging metal maniacs" he writes, while he himself was not really into leather, he longed to be in that sub-culture as he stayed in the closet, denying his true self by hiding his sexuality, until coming out as gay, rather matter-of-fact like, in a 1998 interview.

Other highlights, Angus Young of AC/DC is a VERY lightweight drinker, Halford loved a 70s tour when Priest supported KISS, mainly because Gene Simmons was dating Cher at the time and apparently he was fascinated by HER, as Cher is a big deal among gay guys. Purposely handcuffing himself to Andy Warhol is a great story too.

Rolling Stone put together and posted a piece of 20 things from the book, but that just scratches the surface. If you're a Priest fan, you've got to read the whole thing.

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