I made a glorious Cinco de Mayo fiesta at the Hendo casa Friday, but it didn't stop me from planning ahead for Saturday.

When I went to Safeway for odds and ends I found huge pork roasts were 50% off with your club card.

I grabbed one knowing full well that Saturday's dinner was going to make Friday's a distant memory.

Slow cooking meat always does that.

So I grabbed some green salsa and got ready to cheat my way to mouth watering carnitas.

After drinking a pot of coffee in the morning I grabbed the roast about 9:00 am and placed it in the the crockpot on high. I threw on cumin with a ton of minced garlic and salt and some basil and oregano and a hint of chipotle pepper before covering with some green sauce.

I had to drain the fatty juices twice throughout the day when I turned the roast over.

By 3:00 pm I was able to use my big fork to start shredding the meat and letting it cook in the juices and add the last off a jar of green salsa and more cumin.

To serve, I cut up radishes and cilantro with a few limes.

I cheated on the rice since we went fishing and grabbed Spanish rice and beans from the Fiesta Foods warm deli.

I warmed up the little corn tortillas in the microwave. Yep, cheated there too.

The meal took me just a few minutes to throw together when we got home.

Even my one teenager home for the evening exclaimed, "Dude!" as she took her first bite.

That is about the best review a dad can get.

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