As most everyone knows if they have listened to me talk for more than a few seconds, I have five young daughters. My youngest, "The Three Musketeers" as I call them on their good days, all have tablets for road trips and free time.

As any parent within earshot of a tablet will tell you, that usually means endless hours of "Minecraft" videos or the occasional music videos featuring characters from "Five Nights at Freddy's," a popular game app.

My twins are 6 and their older sister-in-crime is 10, so they have restrictions and we utilize the parental controls available with our devices and memberships.

This week I heard a familiar '80s song fill the house for hours, over and over and over. This is what I found my children singing along to:

When I explained what I found to my sister after being mildly amused, my sister relayed a pretty scary story. My 2-year-old nephew LOVES Spider-Man and there are YouTube videos of athletes working out and doing crazy stunts to music while wearing the iconic costume. Most are kid-friendly. Some are not.

With no warning, as videos played in sequential order, one Spidey video was extremely adult content-related.

Restrictions or not, supervision was the only thing that stopped a toddler from being exposed to some prankster's porn. He also runs around and shows his cousins all the cool videos he watches, so who knows what could happen without an adult there to keep an eye on kid devices and behaviors. We all get distracted doing dishes and cooking, but from one parent to another -- stay vigilant, my fellow warriors!

Here is one of the parkour Spidey videos, in case you were wondering...

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