Dave Grohl co-hosted The Tonight Show alongside Jimmy Fallon on Monday (May 24), which led the Foo Fighters rocker to re-create a Foos-specific meme, colloquially known as "The Best," for viewers.

"The Best" — or as Fallon calls it, the "Dave G'roll," a la the Rickroll — baits and switches unsuspecting web surfers with what at first appears to be the regular music video for Foo Fighters' "Best of You." Once it gets to the chorus, however, Grohl's throaty shout of "the best" repeats over and over, never progressing to the next line — a funny if not frustrating jape for fans.

In the re-creation that joined rock with online humor, Grohl, guitar in hand, took the Tonight Show stage to perform "The Best" meme live. Fallon eventually joined him to sing along as the Tonight Show house band, The Roots, backed the one-off comedy rock duo.

Of course, there were plenty of jokes in the pair's opening monologue together, as well.

“Dave, if things go well here, this could be the big break you've been waiting for,” Fallon quipped, prompting Dave to deadpan, "I'm really happy to be here. This is definitely one of the coolest things that I've done today."

Foo Fighters' latest album, Medicine at Midnight, arrived in February. It includes the singles "Waiting on War," "No Son of Mine" and "Shame Shame." In October, the Foos will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the music history institution's Class of 2021.

Below, watch a few different clips of Grohl's Tonight Show stay, starting with the live "Dave G'Roll" duet and including the pair's joint monologue, a brief interview and some of the other hilarious skits. 

Dave Grohl Co-Hosts The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - May 24, 2021

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