Dead Sara have certainly done quite well with their own music this year, but it never hurts to have some fun with a cover song once in a while. The group just posted the first of what they intend to be a series of informational videos titled ‘Face to Face Fridays’ in which they take and respond to questions from their fans.

In the first video, they do discuss the idea of covers, what they’ve included in the past and what they might consider in the future, and it looks like the entire band has a love of the early ’90s grunge sound from their suggestions.

Singer Emily Armstrong says, “We do cover a couple of songs. We’ve done one acoustic, which is Nirvana‘s ‘Sliver,’ and then live we’ve done Rage Against the Machine a few times.”

Bassist Chris Null confirms that “Killing in the Name’ from Rage is their cover song, and he added a suggestion of a track he’d like to add to their repertoire. “I’ve been listening to that Breeders song ‘Cannonball,’ and I think that’d be a really fun cover. And there’s an old Nirvana song that I thought would be cool, and I think it’s called ‘School.’”

Armstrong also revealed that with their upcoming appearance at the Sunset Strip Music Festival, the band have been working up a Doors cover in honor of the festival’s honorees this year, but she kept which track a surprise until the event.

You can check out the first ‘Face to Face Fridays’ feature below, where the band also address such things as their tuning, what brand of instruments they prefer, and dealing with agents and getting recognized.

Watch Dead Sara’s ‘Face to Face Fridays’ Feature

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