Deftones' ninth studio album, Ohms, arrives Sept. 25. So far, listeners have heard the riffy and melodic title track, which serves as the first single from the effort. But the follow-up cut could be a more raucous affair. It's "heavy" and will feature "screaming," according to an associate of the band.

The tune in question would be "Genesis," the LP's opener. Recently, DJ C-Minus, a friend of the band, reported in a Twitch stream that he has heard the song. Identifying it as the next Ohms single, he said the forthcoming Deftones number takes a different sonic approach than "Ohms."

Here's what the confidant and fellow music-maker had to say about that particular track, and the album more generally, per Metal Injection:

The DJ explained, "I've heard about 6 or 7 songs Steph [Carpenter, guitarist] played me and it's fucking… The next single 'Genesis' is a fucking banger. Heavy. Screaming. Rad, all that."

That estimation shouldn't come as a shock to Deftones' fans, as the group's albums typically contain a few tunes that display heavier characteristics than the others. Not to mention that Carpenter plays a new 9-string guitar in the video for "Ohms," yet he only uses the top six strings in that song.

Perhaps that was a clue as to the material on Ohms outside of the title track. Carpenter's guitar strings have only grown in number since Deftones' early days. The guitarist played a standard axe through 2000's White Pony, adding a low seventh string for the band's 2003 self-titled release. By the time of 2010's Diamond Eyes, he was playing 8-string guitars. Now, it seems the shredder has evolved his set-up yet again with the 9-string instrument.

Listeners can pre-order, pre-add and pre-save Ohms right now.

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