Tell your mother and your father, your aunties and your friends, uncles, and your cousins to check on your grandpas to make sure grandma gets her meds in check right now because the Bi-Mart Pharmacy is about to be a thing of the past.

If you have always enjoyed picking up your medication there while shopping for your essentials or know of someone who does please help spread the word.

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According to CompassDirect Healthcare

The local Bi-Mart Pharmacy will be permanently closing on 11/04/21. If you currently use Bi-Mart and your records are not transferred to another pharmacy here in town, they will be sent to Walgreens in Yakima. Of note, any electronic schedule II medications will not be transferable and may have to be issued again.
Curious as to why? Walgreens will be taking over those services so the pharmacy inside Bi-Mart will no longer be used for prescriptions but everything else at Bi-Mart is still good to go.
I just confirmed with both Yakima Bi-Mart Pharmacies the one located on 5th ave and the one located on 40th, they will be shutting down on November 7th.
That's music to my ear because I love shopping there! They carry a great mix of so many different things and have really sweet deals. My favorite finds have been these really big cereal/soup bowls/ice cream bowls that for some reason make me feel very fancy, owl coffee mugs, the cheapest Dr. Teal's Bubble Bath and Sea Salts I have found yet and an amazing green summer dress that had I known how much I would love I would have bought 30 more of when I had the chance. If you're searching for work, they are also hiring.



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