Sounds like Dr. Phil might need his own life-strategy coach.

A former staffer on the psychologist's daytime talk show is suing Dr. Phil (real name Phillip McGraw) after he allegedly corralled hundreds of employees into an office on their day off, locked them in a room with the help of security guards and harassed them with the aim of drawing a confession from someone who leaked information to the press. According to People, false imprisonment, emotional distress, whistle blower retaliation and wrongful constructive termination are all included in the lawsuit.

The site says that in March 2015, Leah Rothman and 300 of Dr. Phil's employees were called into work and ordered to hand over their phones, at which point Dr. Phil began to read from cue cards. "If you f--- with me, I'll f--- with you," he allegedly said, according to the lawsuit, which added he seemed to enjoy intimidating his staff. The worst part? Rothman claims Dr. Phil had already discovered who leaked the information in question, and arranged the meeting exclusively to frighten his workers.

When a subsequent meeting with human resources went nowhere, Rothman says she — weeks later — was forced to quit her job because of emotional distress.

The show's representation hasn't commented, but Dr. Phil did — a bit strangely — post this affirmation to Twitter yesterday (January 20):

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