Dream Theater have released the third track from their upcoming album, Distance Over Time. You can check out the new video for "Paralyzed" below.

"The song is an introspective reflection on the negative impact that being obstinate or single-minded can have on important relationships,” guitarist John Petrucci explained in a press release.

"Paralyzed" follows “Untethered Angel” and “Fall Into the Light” from Distance Over Time, which arrives on Feb. 22.

The band's 14th studio effort was produced by Petrucci during sessions that began in June 2018.

“When I listen back to the album," Petrucci said at the time, "I can distinctly recall every moment of the writing process: where I was standing in the room, what inspired us in that instant and the meaning behind each song."

He noted that, "as a producer, my goal was to try and create the best-sounding Dream Theater record we've ever made so that listeners can just be enveloped in the music. I really wanted this recording to truly reflect the spirit, joy and passion that went into making the album and for people to walk away feeling some of the organic nature, personality and raw energy that the band captured while together in the studio. For me, I think it accomplishes that and I hope that other people will feel the same way.”

Dream Theater will promote Distance Over Time with a six-week tour of North America that will also find them celebrating the 20th anniversary of Scenes From a Memory. The trek begins in San Diego on March 20 and concludes May 1 in Austin. You can check out the dates here.

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