We've all had to "jimmy-rig or "jerry-rig" something in a pinch but a motorist in North Bend, WA may take the cake.

In a report from KOMONews.com, the Washington State Patrol announced that one of their troopers, Rick Johnson, spotted a vehicle driving along I-90 that had very dim headlights. Recognizing the potentially dangerous scenario, Trooper Johnson pulled the vehicle over only to notice that the car had extensive front end damage and the operator had, get this, duct taped two flashlights where the headlights should have been! The flashlight's batteries were wearing out causing the lack of lumens.

Let's be honest for a moment. We have probably all driven down the road in the winter time before we let our car properly warm-up and defrost the windshield properly and peering through a tiny sliver while hurtling along in a 3,000 pound hunk of misshapen steel at 35 MPH. Yeah, it works -- sort of  -- but it is still a risky move and, frankly, pretty dumb.

That said, even if the flashlights were completely charged, it is still illegal to do. To top it off, the driver was also operating the vehicle while driving on a suspended driver's license. That's strike two and, while we give him an A+ for ingenuity, he gets a fig fail in the long run.

I imagine that it could be a pretty good advertisement or marketing opportunity for Gorilla Tape or duct tape, though. Then again, let's not give any more ideas to other dumb-asses!

Washington State Patrol photos

Rock on!  \m/  \m/
Todd E. Lyons, Esquire

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