Fans didn’t get the fight they wanted (and paid $100 for), and they want retribution. As of right now, there are at least 32 lawsuits seeking class-action status. The lawsuits state that Manny Pacquiao should have disclosed a shoulder injury before a May 2nd fight with Floyd Mayweather, which Mayweather won. The fans just want their money back.

Apparently, ‘Pacman’ has had the injury since 2008, but has been able to fight through it, until he apparently re-injured it during the fight.

Promotor Bob Arum explained, “Manny Pacquaio has had a torn rotator cuff since 2008. Generally if it ticks up in training, you rest it for a couple of days and it’s fine. Here, it seemed a little bit more severe in the training. We had him treated by orthopedic doctors… they treated him with approved drugs, approved by USADA. Two weeks before the fight, the injury had cleared up, he was again using his right hand and he went in 100% in the fight. Unfortunately reinjured the shoulder at the end of the fourth round and wasn’t as effective with his right hand after that point as he had been before. That’s the whole story.”

I understand the fight wasn’t the big ‘knock-out’ casual fans were looking for, but this is ridiculous. That’s the risk you take when you buy pay-per-view!

Story from Pete in Tri-Cities

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