If you’re a fan of Ronda Rousey, then you’re undoubtedly familiar with the “Do Nothing Bitches” speech from an interview with the MMA fighter that’s collected over 3 million hits on YouTube and generated a clothing line. Rousey’s whole DNB thing is so popular that it inspired Sisters scribe Paula Pell to write an entire film, with Tina Fey set to co-star with Rousey in what could be the most delightful odd-coupling in years.

Deadline reports that Pell sold the pitch for the Do Nothing Bitches movie to Universal following the sneaky success of Sisters, the Tina Fey–Amy Poehler house party comedy that became a sleeper hit at the box office even though it hit theaters the same weekend as Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Although no official details have been given at this time, the film reportedly features Rousey as the no-nonsense, zero-tolerance instructor of a boot camp who whips the bodies of pampered, upper-class housewives into shape. Here’s the interview in which Rousey explains the Do Nothing Bitches concept and how it’s empowered her:

Fey will produce the comedy based on the screenplay by Pell, a former SNL writer. In related news, Rousey is set to make her SNL hosting debut on January 23, where we’ll get to see some of her comedic skills in action. Hopefully she kicks as much ass at comedy as she does on the mat.

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