With our nation's freedom celebration coming up on the fourth, that also brings dangers and hazards to be aware of. Some people still don't get that fire = bad and are almost always preventable. From the Washington State Fire Marshal's office and National Fire Incident Reporting System, here's the stats about what happened last year in Washington state.

Last year, 301 fireworks-related incidents were reported. A staggering 209 were injuries. 88 of those injuries was a direct result in holding a firework in their hand. Granted, that 209 injuries was 10% lower than average, but it's still too high.

The other 92 reported incidents were fire related worth $161,475. 71 of those fire incidents were classifed as wildland or vegetation.

There are plenty of ways to avoid this. Primarily being attending someone else's festival whether it be the one at the fairgrounds in Yakima or one of the nearby towns like Selah, Toppenish and more.

Have a safe one this 4th of July! We want to see you on the fifth with all your fingers.

Read more at wsp.wa.gov.

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