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DIY Ideas

Back in the day, I loved making handmade valentine's day cards. I would layer fancy paper, tying the pages together with a sparkly ribbon and then stamp a heart on each one, sprinkle embossing powder, and heat until hard and sparkly. Occasionally they'd turn out slightly burned but that's part of a DIY project. Nothing is going to look exactly the same. That probably is the number one DIY project and it's a sure win.

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Sarah Johnson

The Hand Made Card

You can get super creative by drawing pictures or use quotes, cut out magazine clippings to cover a blank piece of paper with or even use pages to create an envelope. I sent my cousin one back in the day during college and her roommate was all weirded out, "does she not have enough money for envelopes?" "Naw, she just likes to do things like that." Have fun and having the kids create something they can send to other families could be a really fun activity for everyone. Don't lie, your spouse or partner would light up finding a special handwritten note hidden in their bag or waiting for them on the counter for when they get home.

5. Thanos Face Mug
Box Lunch

Cups and Plates and Bowls, oh my!

Now, this is a project I have been wanting to try. Choose your dishes, white or any solid color because what you're going to do next is draw on them. You'll need oil-based sharpie paint markers to create a message or pattern. Once your design is complete, let it dry completely. If it's not dark enough for you, you can repeat again and let dry then you are going to pop the mug, bowls, and plates in the oven and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to set. Let them cool completely before handling so there aren't any cracks and hand-wash because the dishwasher could be too strong.

White Chocolate Music by Sarah J
White Chocolate Music by Sarah J

Chocolate Lovers

A sweet treat is one of the most given gifts during Valentine's Day so why don't you step it up a notch and make your own chocolates. Do you own any molds? Back in college I was broke but still managed to scrape enough together to buy a music-themed mold that has stood the test of time and is now perfect because that is exactly what I will be making for my co-workers this year! Heat a bowl of your favorite chocolate in 30-second increments, stirring to see when it's melted enough. Pour your chocolate into the molds, let them set, and boom! You've got a sweet treat that's been transformed into a memorable and unique bite! Add your favorite cereal to it or rice crispies to mix it up, I was even going to test out adding a touch of beetroot powder I got at Grocery Outlet to my white chocolate, to see what happens. If you happen to have strawberries this would be the perfect time to cover them in chocolate!

Townsquare Media/Sarah J
Townsquare Media/Sarah J

Paper. Rock, Scissors Date

I saw this on TikTok and loved the idea. Set aside some cash for the weekend and you and your partner or family will play paper, rock, scissors to find out who gets to choose a place to grab a drink, an appetizer, main course, and a dessert! You could do this at the grocery store as well while pointing your finger in a certain aisle going up and down with your eyes closed. Whenever they yell stop check to see what you're pointing at and that's the item you pick. While searching for an example video I came across this couple. The joy in this husband's eyes is perfect and a fantastic idea.

You'll make a list of categories like; favorite snack, something to wear, an item in their favorite color, something to do together, favorite drink, and so on and then surprise each other with what you got for the other person.

A Million Hearts

Your count certainly doesn't have to hit a million but grab some of the office paper or hit up the dollar store for supplies and create a bunch of different sized hearts. You'll write messages on them, like the candy hearts, and tape them on a surface for a wake-up surprise on Valentine's Day. They could cover the entire door of your child's bedroom or one of the bathroom mirrors (make sure you be kind and clean-up the sticky tape once they are taken down on that one) or another spot that's visible. Make them unique like I only have eyes for you and use those googly eye stickers!

The main thing is to have fun, Valentine's Day doesn't need to expensive, it doesn't have to only be enjoyed by couples. Grab your BFF and make a plan or hit up Grandma and let her know there's a package on her front porch. With a few days left you still have time to go epic or at least get your ducks in order! Good luck and I'd love to know what you've got planned.

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