Like a champion prize fighter, you just can't ever count the Yakima Ice Rink over and out.

The first detrimental blow was, of course, the coronavirus that shuttered the rink -- just like it did to many other businesses, etc. No skaters, no revenue. Not good for an operation the relies almost solely on volunteers to keep up and running.

Then, it got even worse...

About three weeks ago, vandals and thieves stole just about everything in and outside of the rink that wasn't bolted down -- even the propane tank off of the Zamboni!

Finally, some good news for hockey players and ice skaters!

On their official Facebook page, the Yakima Ice Rink posted photos and proudly proclaimed, "We have ICE!" Although the building still remains closed at this time, for the first time, in a LONG time, the black clouds that have hung over that building have started to clear.

We have ICE! At this time we aren't open yet, but we're getting closer. Thank you to our supporters for your donations and kind words. Posted by Yakima Ice Rink on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

*UPDATE* - January 7th:
They also posted pics and gave a huge shout-out to "the guys who spent late nights making ice, painting it white and adding lines!"

A huge THANK YOU to the guys who spent late nights making ice, painting it white and adding lines! Posted by Yakima Ice Rink on Thursday, January 7, 2021

Following the theft, a GoFundMe page was set-up to help keep the rink a reality and defray the cost of fixing and replacing what was stolen and/or damaged. While they are still a ways away from achieving their goal of raising $50,000, as of this writing, they have gotten close to $10,000 in donations in just about three weeks. Can you spare a dime to helps? It surely will be appreciated.

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Game on!

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