The legend of “nice guy” Dave Grohl continues to grow by each good deed done. The latest act of generosity came from Philadelphia last month where the singer left a pair of rather substantial tips for the wait staff taking care of him during a wedding bash.

How substantial? The Philadelphia Enquirer reports that the Foo Fighters singer laid down a cool $1000 tip each night at the Smith & Wollensky bar at the Rittenhouse Hotel. The paper reports that the first tip came on a Friday night after he had one drink, while the second was given after imbibing on a few more beverages the following evening.

Grohl isn’t the first rocker to feel particularly generous when it comes to the wait staff. As legend has it, back in the late ’80s Bruce Springsteen and his friends traveled by motorcycle from California into Arizona and stopped at a bar in Prescott. After having a drink with a few of the regulars, he hopped up onstage with the house band to perform a few songs, and the crowd began to grow.

While at the bar, Springsteen reportedly overheard a waitress talking about her medical issues and the financial toll it was taking. A week later, an envelope arrived with $100,000 to take care of her expenses.

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