I can drink all kinds of beer, but I admit it, the cheap beer is always the best! I bought a 12-pack of Busch last Wednesday. If I drink beer during the week, I am not very happy the next day, so I always wait until Friday or even Saturday night to have a beer.

TSM/Kelly West
TSM/Kelly West

I bought the beer pretty warm and so I stuck all of it in the fridge except for one. I opened it and decided I'd better let it get cold before I had it. So I stuck it in the freezer so it would get colder faster.

Then I feel asleep. That was Wednesday. I didn't drink any beer the rest of the week.

On Sunday I opened my freezer to take out some chicken for dinner and there it was. My beer from Wednesday. I am never going drink it now, but how cool does frozen beer look? Pretty cool. (It tastes gross, though!)

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