Here we go again, follow the "science"!  As a parent of a 12-year-old daughter, what does the "science" say about wearing masks and my girl and your kids going back to school this fall?

Good question Dave, but you won't like the answer -- It depends on which "scientist" you ask!  Great, clear as mud, and no I don't like it.

How Do Kids React To Covid

Here's a headline to consider from Duke University -  Even a mild or asymptomatic case of COVID-19 triggers a strong antibody response in children and teens, new research shows.

So even though kids don't suffer the severity of symptoms that some adults do, up to and including death, their young bodies still crank up a comparable adult level of antibodies.

Blinded Me With Science!

SO, if kids don't get sick or as sick, and they still load up on antibodies, why should they have to wear masks to school this fall?  The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) still says they should--all children over the age of 2 wear masks when returning to school this year, regardless of vaccination status. SCIENCE!    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says NO,  NOT if they are fully vaccinated.  SCIENCE?

And then the NY Times shares this - the CDC now says, " school districts should use local health data to guide decisions about when to tighten or relax prevention measures like masking and physical distancing. With the highly contagious Delta variant spreading and children under 12 still ineligible for vaccination, CDC recommends that unvaccinated students and staff members keep wearing masks....the guidance is a departure from the C.D.C.’s past recommendations for schools. ScEInce??


My wife, daughter Katie and I all had the coronavirus at Thanksgiving last fall.  I went to the hospital for three days of medication and extra oxygen and you better believe I was giving THANKS when I got to go home.

We transferred Kate to Riverside Christian so she could attend class in person and while that was better than sitting at home alone in from of a zoom screen, she did have to wear a mask...everywhere...for everything.
Remember, she had a test and knew she had COVID.  She felt out of sorts for about two days, slight headache and sore throat, and then was fine.  So, just how protected are she and all other kids who were exposed to the virus?

 That study out of Duke University found that “children who’ve had mild infections or even those who did not have any symptoms, develop an immune response that will likely provide some protection against future infections.”

The researchers also found that regardless of a child's age, the antibody levels were the same or even slightly higher than in adults at two and four months after infection

Final Word From the Doc

So from whom should a local school board or school district take their guidance when making masking decisions for kids in the Yakima Valley this fall?   Remember Governor Jay "We gotta follow the science" Inslee still has his Emergency Powers to set policy but which policy/science will he follow???  Mask?  No Mask? Local Call?   Or, the latest recommendation from Congressman Dr. Ronnie Jackson, former White House Physician who just appeared on the Joe Pags Talk radio show and said "vaccinated or not, mandating kids to wear a mask in school is ridiculous."


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