Gene Simmons hinted that Kiss may have a future after their farewell tour wraps up.

In an interview during the weekend of the Download Festival in the U.K., he stressed that only “stage Kiss” was coming to an end.

In the same interview, he said he was fine with people not liking his band and revealed that his son’s girlfriend refused an invitation to attend their headlining set at Download.

“Well, let’s be more specific,” Simmons told Planet Rock after being asked about their final British appearance. "It’s the last ever time in Blighty for the stage Kiss. ... I’m 72. I still have hair. I have quite a lot more on my back, unfortunately, and they call me Chewbacca Ass! There’s so much hair on my butt I’ve got to put a parting in, otherwise, it sticks."

He repeated that Kiss’ retirement was a matter of "pride." "Have enough self-respect to know when to leave with dignity, because you love the fans," he added. "We’re forever grateful for this astonishing journey because without the fans we wouldn’t be here."

You can watch the interview below.

Reflecting on the fact that not everyone is a Kiss fan, Simmons argued that "you have to take things with a grain of salt – not everybody likes Jesus. You’re just never going to be able to appeal to everybody. And who wants to appeal to everybody? You want to stay true to what you do."

He spoke of son Nick Simmons' “successful career,” noting, “They’re on TV shows and all that, soundtracks.” He described Nicks’ girlfriend, Keltie, as a “lovely girl” and recalled a conversation: “‘Do you want to go to Download?’ ‘No, the music’s too loud.’ ‘Kiss! It’s Kiss!’

"She likes quieter pop stuff, and that’s great," Simmons said. "Everybody should have whatever they want."

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