George Lynch has released the first song from his new “dream punk” band, the Banishment.

“Lost Horizon" was launched alongside a crowdfunding campaign for the trio’s debut album, which they hope to release in February.

Ex-Dokken guitarist Lynch began the “passion project” with programmer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Haze in 2015, a statement explained: “Haze and Lynch set out to challenge themselves and charter new territories after living through two separate and already prolific careers. Lynch has been met with opposition pushing his creativity into darker, more subliminal and chaotic territories since the ‘90s. … Finally together they’ve found a solid work flow and composed dozens of plausible album cuts.”

The work was “close to being shelved or released as an instrumental project” until the pair encountered Devix AKA, who’d been developing the “self-proclaimed dream punk genre” for some time. “Upon hearing the words ‘dream punk,’ the project was creatively green lit by Lynch.”

You can listen to "Lost Horizon" below.

In 2017, the guitarist told RockRevolt that he’d already been working on the Banishment for five years and that another singer was attached to the project at the time. “I hesitate listing off all my projects because I think it gives people fatigue,” he noted.

“But I’m just going to throw it out there. … The singer is Tommy Victor from Prong, and it has an industrial vibe to it. Not pure industrial, but it is industrial-like. ... I’ve always been a big fan of that kind of music. I always thought how awesome that would be to hear a band like that but with what I imagine a guitar doing. Or with Eddie Van Halen in it or something - that kind of feel. And I thought I would love to create that some day because I never heard anything like that before. That’s what we tried to do.”


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